Which is better? A skin moisturiser or a face moisturiser?

There are many benefits to a face-conditioner.

But a face cream is often used to mask the sun’s rays and helps the skin absorb it, and a moisturiser is more effective.

A face cream might have an emollient or a fragrance.

A moisturiser might have a scent, a lotion or a texture.

But what if you have skin that’s oily and prone to dryness?

Then the skin cream might be a better choice.

According to a recent study, moisturisers are the most effective for oily skin.

The skin conditioner helps the body absorb water and prevent the buildup of dead skin cells.

The skin conditioners also prevent dryness, which can cause dry patches, redness and irritation.

A skin cream also helps the water balance in the skin.

While a face creme can make a good face moisturizer, the results may not be as noticeable as a moisturizer.

In a study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, researchers found that people who used the most expensive facial creams had significantly less redness, itching and skin irritation than those who used more affordable ones.

Research suggests that using a face conditioner may not provide a significant benefit.

Skin conditioners are also known to cause breakouts, as well as acne and blemishes.

If you are using a facial creme, you may want to stop at a moisturising face cream.

The facial cream can also increase the chance of breakouts.

To use a face mask, the face cream should be mixed with water and applied to the skin at the same time as a facial moisturiser.

For people with sensitive skin, use a facial cream or a moisturizing face mask every night.

The mask should not be applied to dry, oily skin, but to dry patches.

Do you have a skin condition that needs to be treated?

Contact the BBC Skin Clinic to find out if you’re likely to benefit from a face or facial cream.

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