Cosmetics: Beauty spa gets rave reviews

LOS ANGELES — A new cosmetics spa in Los Angeles, California, is attracting rave reviews from both those who say it’s one of the best beauty spaces in town and those who are upset that the spa is located so close to a popular shopping center.

The new boutique is called “Sensational Beauty” and it’s located in the upscale Beverly Hills neighborhood of Beverly Hills, according to a Yelp review.

The spa offers spa treatments, massage therapy, and skin care. “

The owner, Kelli Sperling, has created a world of soothing, warm and inviting surroundings for everyone to feel great, relax and experience the spa.”

The spa offers spa treatments, massage therapy, and skin care.

The spa also offers a private salon and a massage studio.

The reviews are so high on Yelp that the Beverly Hills Times ran a feature called ” The Best Places to Be a Beauty Spas Fan ” in which they listed the best places to visit and the best makeup brands.

“The beauty spa has created an entirely new experience for people and the spa itself is a bit unique in that it has such an intimate feel to it, so the experience is definitely worth checking out,” said one of their Yelp reviewers.

“I’m always in awe of what she does and how well she has managed it, which is just incredible,” said another reviewer.

The spa is now the most visited beauty spa in the world, according the Yelp reviewers and they say it is worth a visit if you’re looking for a spa experience that’s “sensual” and “comfortable.”

“It’s very relaxing, and the massage is just fantastic,” said an older woman who called the spa her favorite spa.

“It’s definitely the most relaxing I’ve ever been in a spa.”

A lot of the people who have liked the spa are saying it’s worth a trip to L.A., because of the spa, but many others are not convinced the spa will be a success.

“There is definitely a difference between people who want to do their spa experience here and those that want to go to the Beverly Hilton,” said the Yelp reviewer who called it “The worst spa I have ever been to in L.S.”

“It was just the opposite of the experience that I had with the Beverly,” she added.

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