How to get your eyes to look better with beauty tablets

A new type of beauty product has been developed by a scientist at Northwestern University to help boost the brightness of your eyes.

The product is a new kind of technology called a ‘beauty light’ that mimics the glow of natural sunlight to make your eyes appear brighter.

The study, published in the journal PLOS ONE, was conducted by graduate student Stephanie Reiss, a former student of the Northwestern College of Optometry.

Reiss worked with her research assistant, Andrew Miller, and graduate student Alexi D. Gourgo, a postdoctoral scholar.

The research team found that the artificial light produced by the skin-growing system can mimic the natural glow of the sun to make the eyes appear more luminous.

The technology is also compatible with natural daylight.

Reiss said the team is working to develop a better version of the device to be used in the field, similar to the eye glasses and contact lenses that are currently used by millions of Americans.

Miller said the device could also be used to treat other conditions that can affect the eyes, such as vision loss.

“There are some pretty common conditions that could be affected by sun exposure,” Miller said.

“So it could potentially be used for those conditions.”

Miller and Gourdo say the study shows that artificial light is a potential way to improve vision, particularly in areas where the natural daylight is not available.

In a related study, they found that artificial lighting can help people who have macular degeneration (MD) and macular dystrophy (MDD) by enhancing the production of white blood cells.

The researchers say the device would be used as part of a routine eye exam, and could be used by doctors to monitor patients’ eyes for changes that could lead to vision loss or blindness.

The team is now looking for investors to finance the project.

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