Why I didn’t use BHA for my BHA skin

The BHA/BHT combo has long been used for bleaching blemishes, as a bleaching agent, and for boosting the skin’s natural anti-aging capabilities.

BHA is often used as a moisturizer, and as a skincare ingredient, which means it can be used on its own as a skin care ingredient or added to an emollient.

I used BHA on my bleaching scars, as well as my blemish scars, and it’s worked pretty well. 

It didn’t work on my acne scars either. 

The acne scars on my forehead had a noticeable bumpy texture that was noticeably darker than the rest of my face, and the blemished areas on my cheekbones were more yellowish than the bleached areas on the forehead. 

A closer look revealed a large black spot, and when I applied a thick layer of BHA (about 1/4 cup) on top of it, I noticed the area on my cheeks was a darker color than it was when I put it on. 

While I’m not sure if the bumpiness was due to the BHA or the product, the dark area in my cheeks seemed to disappear when the BH was applied, so it’s possible BHA can be applied with minimal irritation. 

BHA isn’t the only skin bleaching ingredient out there, though, so here are a few of my favorite brands:  Sakura Natural, Sara Lee, Bacalaya, Paleo Skin, Clinique Saving Face, Ace of Spa, Lush, Cosrx, St. Ives, Mizon Skin Care, Dermacentro Skin, The Skin Shop, Almay Suncare, Jasmine Rose, Sunwell Oil, Beauty Blender, Tonymoly Aqua, VivaLaRita Bath & Body Works, CeraVe Cosmetics, Natural Skin Care, and Alba Natural. 

If you’d like to read more about BHA and BHA products, check out  the BH blog at  www.bht.com.

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