When we feel beautiful, we want to do our best

A group of Australian researchers say they’re testing out the idea of using beauty products to make people feel more beautiful.

Key points:A new study from the University of Melbourne has been funded by the US cosmetics company, Emporio Armani, and it aims to find ways to help people feel less depressedA study from Emporios is also looking at the effectiveness of beauty products on depression.

Key facts:The study is one of a number of trials currently being conducted in Australia and has been backed by US cosmetics giant Emporium.

“The beauty industry has an amazing track record in bringing people happiness,” said lead researcher, Dr Pauline Mardis.

“It’s not just about buying a beautiful product or getting a beautiful face.

It’s about bringing a sense of comfort and comfort is an important thing.”

The study involves three different ways in which people can be encouraged to feel less stressed: through a series of motivational and positive social activities.

The first is through positive emotions.

For example, people are encouraged to smile, laugh, laugh at themselves and look positive.

But the next step is a combination of the two.

Dr Mardas said the researchers tested whether these positive emotional experiences could be paired with cosmetics in a way that would increase happiness.

“What we’ve found is that it is the combination of all three that makes a person feel happier,” she said.

“And that’s because they’ve all been combined.”

The third way involves the use of cosmetics.

People who use cosmetics can feel a sense that their mood has improved, Dr Mardes said.

The research was funded by a grant from Empurio, which also helps to fund a number more studies, including one that looks at the effect of facial cleansers and facial scrubs on depression and anxiety.

“There’s an interesting link between the two, as facial scrabs and facial cleanser are thought to be anti-depressants,” she explained.

“In the end, we’ve looked at the effects of facial scrab, facial cleansing and cosmetic.”

Dr Martis said the beauty industry was keen to find new ways to improve wellbeing.

“We think there’s a lot of potential out there in terms of finding ways to create an environment that helps people feel happier and happier in the long term,” she added.

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