How to treat acne with a simple spray

LOS ANGELES — You might want to try this: a simple facial scrub or gel spray, a few drops of moisturizer and a cotton ball, said Dr. Lisa D. Simeone, a dermatologist and founder of the National Center for Dermatologic Oncology in Las Vegas.

“You can do it with one spray, or it can be a lot of different sprays.

But it’s very simple,” she said.

Simeone said many people use topical creams to treat facial acne and the spray may help relieve the irritation.

But the spray also can be used for more than just acne.

For example, she said the cream is a great way to treat cystic acne and also can help break up blackheads that can develop in the pores.

You can use it for a week to a week and a half, Simeon said.

“I’ve had a patient come in with cystic skin that she’d been using a lot and she didn’t want to have to go through the process of putting it in a cream and going to a dermatology office, and it would be like a roller coaster,” she told The Associated Press.

“So she went to a makeup artist, and he said, ‘You want to use a gel?’

So she sprayed it on her face and it was fine.

So it works.”

The cream also may help break acne crusts and break up acne scars, she added.

And the gel may help dissolve blackheads and reduce breakouts in areas where there are more skin cells.

But for those who have already had acne and want a quick fix, there’s no such thing as too much.

Diane A. Jones, MD, a practicing dermatologist at Los Angeles-based Simeones Cosmetic and Ophthalmic Surgery and an adjunct professor at the University of Southern California, said she has treated dozens of people for acne.

Her treatment involves applying a topical cream to the skin and letting it dry out.

Then she uses a cotton-ball to gently massage the skin.

I just have to let it sit there, she told AP.

If it’s just a little bit, I can let it run through my hair.

If I let it stay, I have to use some form of cleanser, because it’s so sensitive.

The spray is also a quick way to reduce the number of pimples that form.

For those who get pimples and have skin irritations, it may be more effective than using a cream, Jones said.

Jones said she uses the spray to treat pimples, break up the pimples or break up some of the whiteheads.

She recommends using the spray as a way to manage acne and pimples.

In addition, she recommends using a moisturizer to moisturize the skin, which can help the acne and whiteheads stay in place.

She also said if you do use the spray, use it sparingly, because too much may irritate the skin that can make the acne worse.

“If you have a pimple that’s very red and swollen, you can just use a spray on it and leave it for two or three minutes, then spray it again,” she added, adding that it may take a couple of weeks to see the results.

Simeones says she recommends a sunscreen or sunscreen cream to prevent sunburn.

“It is important that you moisturize with a sunscreen,” she advised.

“A sunscreen should be able to keep it off for at least six months, and that should include sunscreen that has a broad spectrum of SPF values.”

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