What are you wearing to your job?

You know what I’m wearing?

I’m going to wear a bra, pants, and shoes, and a skirt, and that’s it.

I’m not wearing a shirt because I don’t have time to take off my shirt.

I don, like, think that’s going to give me any time to do anything but stare at this picture on the screen.

Oh my god.

Oh man.

This is such a huge thing that you just can’t even get it out of your mind.

You’ve just gotta be ready to be super, super ready to do everything that’s necessary to make this world a better place.

It’s just so, so hard.

I think I’m ready for this.


But I’m a very busy woman.

[She shrugs.]

I just have a few more things I have to do, so I’m just going to be really, really focused on getting ready to work on a few other things right now.




So I have a couple of things I’ve got to do that are going to help make my life easier.

And you know, I really like the new Apple Watch.

It seems really good.

I’ve been really looking forward to it.

But I know that Apple Watch is a lot more expensive than it was when I bought it.

And it’s going up in price.

And I have been, like a little bit, in a rush to get that watch in.

And Apple has said that it will be available in a few weeks at retail price, but they’re only going to ship it to stores that they’ve set up.

And they’re not going to send it to everyone that they have a limited number of inventory, like in my case, because I had so many other things on my plate.

I haven’t had time to get this new watch in yet.

I will have a lot of stuff to do before the end of the week.

But my other big item is my phone.

And there’s this little Apple Watch that I bought.

I bought a watch, and then I bought the Apple Watch and then a watch-sized phone that I’m using to communicate with my friends and my family.

And so it’s like, “Well, I’m probably going to have to start working on the iPhone and this new iPhone.

And if I don’ t do that, I don”t have a good reason to go to work.”

So I was kind of in a hurry.

I went out and bought that watch and then it was like, like my watch was already in my pocket.

I could just grab it and do all these things.

I was like really excited to see how this new phone would fit into it.

So it’s a great experience.

But the thing that I love about the Apple watch is that it’s just kind of an extension of my life.

I can get to the gym.

I want to work out.

I just want to get a little exercise in.

It just feels like a really good way to connect with my coworkers and with my family and with other people in the office.

And also, you know what, I’ve seen the Apple app on my watch, so it”s like, oh, it’s really easy to get notifications and stuff.

I have notifications.

I do it.

It”s kind of cool.

I know it”ll be great.

I mean, I could totally be like, I want that on my phone, but I’m gonna go buy my own phone.

I”m gonna buy the one that I want.

I really, truly love that.

So the Apple apps are really easy.

And the way that they are designed, the way they feel is kind of like a kind of super, Super Mario Bros. style of an app.

Like, I get notifications on my screen, and I can swipe left and right and stuff like that.

And then you can get into the Apple Health app, which is super cool.

And really, super easy.

But it just feels very, very, super nice to be able to get to all the other things that I do on my iPhone.


You know, it feels really good to be like “Oh, I can check this out.”

Like, you can go to my home screen, you could go to Facebook, you”ll get a notification on your phone, you will get notifications from your friends.

And just, I feel like I can just go from one thing to another.

So you know.

And this is why I love the watch.

I feel more connected.

I get all these notifications on the watch, like I get these messages that are super important to me, like when I’m traveling, when I go shopping.

I wake up early.

I make dinner.

I write emails.

I work.

I go to bed.

And that”s a really nice feeling to have.

I guess.

But you know

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