Why I bought the ‘Beauty Blender’ skin cream

I bought this skin cream for a beauty routine.

It’s definitely a beauty blender but the price tag on it makes me question how much I’m spending on it.

My skin looks great, and I’m not disappointed.

I’ve got a full face of skin but if I want a more intense makeup look, I’ll have to go to the brand’s more pricey ‘Performance’ skin skin cream.

It also has a ‘Performance Face’ skin oil that feels like a cream that will keep you looking like a professional.

I love this skin oil because it’s more moisturising and does not leave me feeling dry or irritated. 

So, what I really wanted was the ‘Performance Blender’.

This skin cream is available in 12 shades, which means I could choose from a wide range of skin tones.

And the ‘performance’ is actually a good way to describe it, as it’s a ‘performance face’ that works with a wide array of products and makes it feel more natural than a traditional ‘performance blender’. 

Beauty blender skin cream formula (top row, from top to bottom) Blend: The ingredients:   Water, glycerin, glyceryl isostearate, panthenol, sodium hyaluronate, cetearyl alcohol, ethylhexylglycerin (hexadecane), sorbitan sesquioleate, palmitic acid, glycolic acid (citric acid) Performance: The ingredient list:    Water, ceteareth-20, cephalothrin, butylene glycol, lauric acid , propylene glyceride, fragrance, glycinamide, glycopyrrolidone, p-hydroxybenzoic acid. Benefits:  I think the beauty blender is an all-purpose skin cream, which is perfect for my skin tone.

The formula has a moisturising, hydrating, and anti-aging effect.

I’m using this for my ‘Performance face’ and it has been very well received so far. 

What do you think of the beauty blender skin cream?

Let me know in the comments below.

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