Gummy Bears: Gummy bears may have been created to kill cancer, but scientists say they could be helpful

Gummy Bear Treatments, the company that makes Gummy Bites, may be a cancer prevention company.

A study published in the Journal of Cancer Prevention found that the treats may actually be toxic to the body, according to ABC News.

The company’s website has links to a video that talks about the dangers of eating the treats and even claims that eating them can cause a cancer-causing toxin called thymidine monophosphate (TMP).

TMP is produced when a patient takes a cancer drug called methotrexate, and when a person consumes the Gummy Bite treats, they absorb it into their bloodstream, which causes them to become more sensitive to TMP, which is why the company makes them to help patients stay healthy.

While the study is not conclusive, there are some troubling things in the study that indicate the treats could be harmful to your body.

In addition to being toxic to your cells, the study found that it could cause a host of health problems including liver damage, liver disease, kidney damage, thyroid damage, blood clots, and a rise in LDL, or bad cholesterol.

And if the researchers are right, it may be too late for the world to get rid of Gummy Treats.

“We have the right idea,” Dr. Mark Hovland, the chief of the division of gastroenterology at Harvard Medical School, told ABC News on Wednesday.

Dr. Hovlan added that it may not be that simple to remove the toxins from the treats because they contain chemicals that may not cause harm to your liver.

Hovland said the treats are a part of a much broader cancer treatment, called targeted therapy, that uses a specific treatment, such as a chemotherapy drug, to target specific cancer cells and stop their growth.

He said that a lot of these cancers, including leukemia and melanoma, are much more aggressive than other types of cancer.

Dr. Marc Siegel, the director of the Yale Comprehensive Cancer Center, told The Associated Press that the GUMMY TREATS could be dangerous.

“[Treating] cancer, it could potentially kill cancer cells,” he said.

According to The New York Times, the treatment can also cause the immune system to attack and destroy cancer cells, which could lead to the spread of cancer over the body.

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