Beyoncé’s new video is a bit of a hit on the video-sharing platform, but it’s not exactly a commercial success

BEYONCÉ’S new video for “Beautiful” has gone viral.

In it, the singer is seen in a variety of glamorous and glamorous-like outfits, and in one of the scenes, she’s in a bathing suit.

However, a lot of people were not impressed by the video, which has been viewed more than 11 million times.

In a tweet from the account, a user said the video was “very short and not good for any sort of commercial”.

The user added: “It looks like Beyoncé and Jay-Z were making fun of her skin care.

Maybe that’s why they don’t have a commercial?”

“Beauty” was released on the same day Beyoncé was crowned Miss Universe in 2016.

She also received her first MTV Video Music Awards nomination for “Lemonade”.

The video has been shared more than 4.5 million times since it was posted on Thursday.

While the video is not a commercial hit, it is still a big hit on YouTube.

In just 24 hours, the video has already received more than 1.8 million views.

However the video doesn’t look that impressive in terms of video quality, as many users pointed out.

The video is also accompanied by an accompanying message which is worth looking at.

A message which says, “Beautylove your skin”.

It says that “beauty” is the name of Beyoncés “most precious treasure”, and that she wants you to love it too.

The message also reads, “You have been watching a very beautiful video and now you can’t resist it.”

However, not everyone thinks the video does a good job of making the case for the products it shows, or the brand Beyoncé is promoting.

In an interview with MTV, Beyoncé said she’s not a huge fan of “beautylove” and the word beauty is used to describe “wholesome”, which is very negative.

“I think it’s a really derogatory term that I think is not very positive.

I don’t like to see that used in the context of my beauty products,” she said.

She’s also been accused of being a bit too judgmental about Beyoncé herself.

“People use the word ‘beauty’ in a negative way.

I feel like the word’s been taken out of the context, so people are talking about how Beyoncé looks like she’s the only one who can have a baby,” said one user.

Others are also not happy about the use of the word.

“It’s offensive and hurtful to my mother-in-law,” one user wrote.

Another said it was disrespectful of Beyonce to use the term beauty in relation to her mother.

Beyoncé has also been criticised for using the word in a similar way to “lose weight”.

She also took aim at the word “fat”.

“It doesn’t mean anything to me, but to use it like that is disrespectful of my mother,” she told MTV News.

“She doesn’t have to worry about her weight.

If she does, she doesn’t.

She just needs to know she’s a beautiful woman and that’s all she’s ever been.”

Beyoncé also defended the use in the video of the words “tit-for-tat” – a common offensive insult used by people to describe a person with whom they have a personal grudge.

“We’re talking about something so personal, so personal to a person, that I feel really bad for my mother because I think that’s what I should be using it for,” she explained.

“You’re talking to someone who’s going through a tough time.

I know people use the words to hurt me, and to hurt people. “

But I feel bad for her because I feel the word is just used in bad ways.

I know people use the words to hurt me, and to hurt people.

And to be honest, that’s something that hurts me.”

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